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Real Estate


Vision India Properties provide range of services begin with the acquisition of plots.
Properties to your requirements can be made available.
This service includes complete documentation and registration.



Vision India Properties offers you the option of high quality construction made to your specifications at most competitive prices, custom finishes and fittings are fully catalogued.
Experienced engineering and technical staff to supervise all construction work.
The project is taken up all the way from design to construction.



With house owners laying greater emphasis on gardens and horticulture, landscaping is treated as a specialty at Vision India Properties.
Gardens are meticulously planned to look natural, yet blend with the overall house design.
Gardens that set the house a world apart, where the, nerve jarring cacophony of city life seems far away

Residential Sales


There is nothing closer to your family than your home.
It's a very personal thing and when it comes time to sell it or look for a new home, the service should be personalized too.



Free lifetime membership to all the buyers.
Whether you prefer to spend your day swinging in a hammock watching the tide come and go or take off on an adventure tour of snorkelling, fishing and sightseeing, Vision India Properties has something for everyone.



Full service facility - we take care of everything!
Offers a private and intimate ambience and feel.
Private Atmosphere and Beautiful views - you feel as if this is your very own private clubhouse overlooking nature.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

If you see this worthy, please buy.

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